Benefits of Preventive Adjustments (part 2)

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Continuing our 3-part series on the benefits of preventive chiropractic adjustments, I bring another major point of concern regarding joint restrictions discussed in article 1 (click here to read).

Part 2 – Adaptation to joint restrictions and inflammation

Can the body adapt to these joint restrictions if I do nothing about it and, if so, does this lower inflammation?

Yes, the body will adapt to joint restrictions if they go un-addressed, but whether this adaptation leads to a reduction in inflammation depends on various factors:

1- Compensatory Mechanisms: The body may compensate for joint restrictions by altering movement patterns or redistributing stress to adjacent joints or tissues. While this compensation may alleviate immediate discomfort, it can also lead to overuse injuries or dysfunction in other areas over time, potentially exacerbating inflammation.

2- Muscle Imbalances: Joint restrictions can lead to muscle imbalances as certain muscles may become overactive or hypertonic while others become inhibited or weakened. This imbalance can perpetuate faulty movement patterns and contribute to chronic inflammation and pain.

3- Adaptive Changes: Over time, the body may undergo adaptive changes in response to joint restrictions, such as the deposition of fibrous tissue or the formation of osteophytes (bone spurs) in the affected joint. While these changes may stabilize the joint and reduce symptoms to some extent, they may not completely resolve inflammation, especially if the underlying mechanical dysfunction persists.

4- Degenerative Changes: Prolonged joint restrictions can contribute to degenerative changes in the affected joint, such as osteoarthritis. While these changes may represent an attempt by the body to adapt to the altered mechanical environment, they can also perpetuate inflammation and lead to further joint damage.


    We will continue to discuss the benefits of preventive chiropractic adjustments in the next post, which will be the final of the series. Stay tuned!

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