Assessing the Need for Chiropractic Care

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While some signs or symptoms may suggest the need for chiropractic care, it’s important to note that not all issues are immediately apparent. We often associate the need for manual therapy with obvious signs and symptoms but before the arrival of many of these is the subtle accumulation of tissue adaptations and dysfunctions.

These are not easy to identify in ourselves, however, individuals should be mindful of certain indicators that could prompt consideration of chiropractic evaluation:

1- Persistent Pain:

Consistent discomfort, especially in the back, neck, or peripheral joints, may indicate underlying musculoskeletal issues that could benefit from chiropractic care.

2- Limited Range of Motion:

If you notice restrictions in your ability to move freely or perform daily activities, it could be a sign of joint or spinal dysfunction that a chiropractor may address.

3- Headaches:

Recurrent headaches, especially those associated with neck tension or poor posture, might suggest joint dysfunctions that chiropractic adjustments could alleviate.

4- Postural Issues:

Chiropractic can be a great aid in helping correct or manage imbalances in posture such as scoliosis. 

5- Recurring Injuries:

If you experience repetitive injuries or strains, it could be a sign of underlying biomechanical imbalances that chiropractic care may help correct.

6- Numbness or Tingling:

Sensations like numbness or tingling in extremities might be related to nerve impingements that a chiropractor can identify and address.


While these signs may prompt consideration of chiropractic care, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified chiropractor for a comprehensive evaluation. Chiropractors are trained to assess the entire musculoskeletal system, identify subtle issues, and provide personalized care. Care will likely not consist solely of manipulations of the joints but may also involve exercises, introduction of new habits, and other forms of hands-on treatment.

Additionally, seeking chiropractic care proactively, even in the absence of overt symptoms, can contribute to overall well-being and preventive health. Schedule an initial evaluation at Coastal Wellness Lisbon by clicking here.

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