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Chiropractic: whether you need to relieve pain, improve posture or maintain overall wellness, I can help.

I promise to deliver a world-class health experience to all my patients and community members across the Lisbon metropolitan area.



Maybe it’s your chronic headaches that leave you feeling exhausted, uncomfortable and foggy. Maybe your nagging neck and shoulder pain keeps you from getting a great night’s sleep. Maybe it’s your slouching posture that leads to tension and fatigue. Maybe you just need to take the stress off your body from long hours at work. I understand the toll a busy life can have on the body. Not functioning at your best can be frustrating, tiring and at times leaves you feeling helpless. I’m here to help.

Why people see us

Posture correction
Neck Pain
Back pain
Lifestyle modification
Loss of mobility
Numbness and tingling


Chiropractic care is evidenced-based, anchored in movement sciences, and aims to enhance + restore your physical function. The spine and nervous system are tightly connected and therefore one of the focuses of chiropractic is to restore and maintain spine movement to help overall health and wellness. Chiropractors are highly educated and extensively trained to assess, diagnose, treat and prevent conditions of the spine, joints, muscles and nervous system.

The benefits of consistent chiropractic care are endless

Increases energy and improves sleep

Relieves/Improves prenatal discomfort

Improves markers of immunity and reduces inflammation

Relieves pain and improves mobility

Speeds up the recovery process

Improves nerve system function and the individual nerve’s ability to carry nerve impulses more efficiently

Dr Louis


Dr. Louis is a former athlete, kinesiologist and strength and conditioning coach. He has been a practicing chiropractor since 2015 and has completed advanced courses in lifestyle medicine, nutrition, supplementation, stress management and sleep improvement.

Since finishing his doctorate in 2015, he has worked on three different continents, in four different countries and in three different languages. He has had the privilege of treating tens of thousands of patients, from newborns to elderly, and is passionate about helping people to break down barriers to achieving long term health and vitality.

Prior to earning his doctorate, as a high-level hockey player in Canada, Louis struggled with chronic back problems and multiple injuries that left him in horrible pain and dysfunction for years. In university, he began competing in track and field, but the problems continued. After months of taking six ibuprofen a day sustain him through practice, he couldn’t ignore the pain anymore. He also knew the pills were going to hurt him long-term, so he sought evaluation from a chiropractor. After a few weeks of consistent care, he had almost all but had complete resolution of his back problems and, to his amazement, his chronic tonsillitis also vanished completely. Fascinated by the power of the spine to impact general health, he pursued his doctorate in Chiropractic in Toronto.

Dr. Louis is happy to treat all ages and conditions and enjoys teaching about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout life. Chiropractic care can improve your life, which is why it is recommended by leading wellness experts.

Let me help you

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    Edifício Castil - Rua Castilho 39-9H, Lisbon, 1250-068
    Joao David
    Joao David
    Primeiro tratamento feito hoje e ja sinto as melhoras. O dr. Louis é um óptimo profissional, deixou-me como novo. Recomendo a 100%.
    Rafa Araújo
    Rafa Araújo
    O dr. Louis Demello é um quiroprata altamente qualificado e super profissional. Muito simpático e atencioso, levou o tempo necessário para investigar todas as minhas questões que envolvem dores nas regiões lombo sacral, coluna cervical e ombros. Com muita assertividade e destreza, utilizou as técnicas necessárias para alinhar e ajustar várias de minhas articulações e coluna lombar. Sua fala e postura transmitem toda a confiança necessária para a tranquilidade da avaliação e da massagem. Saí do consultório nas nuvens, e as dores que eu sentia no corpo sumiram completamente! Paguei 60€ e os futuros retornos, se necessários, serão apenas 40€. 🙃
    Henrique Costa
    Henrique Costa
    Super profissional e nota-se que é uma pessoa com experiência. Fiquei bastante melhor logo depois da primeira consulta!
    Joana Lopes Aleixo
    Joana Lopes Aleixo
    Sinto um enorme alívio. Estou praticamente sem dores.
    Suleyman Naghizada
    Suleyman Naghizada
    Had horrible low back pain, checked on google chiropractors near me, as I am new in Lisbon, and was very lucky to find and book an appointment with Dr. Louis. Wonderful experience, relief of pain, very caring and tentative doctor. He took his time to listen, made all needed adjustments, provided me with the recommended morning stretches and exercises for the next few weeks. Even made a video with the exercises! Will highly recommend Dr. Louis to all my friends and relatives! Thanks a lot! Muito obrigado!
    Gonçalo Américo
    Gonçalo Américo
    Dr Louis is the best if experienced so far. Neck pain basically gone after 2 sessions. Years struggling with it, tried a lot of different doctors. 10/10 recommended
    Priscila Beluzzo
    Priscila Beluzzo
    Estou muito contente com os resultados dos ajustes. Para além de ter desaparecido meu incómodo nas costas, notei que a meu pescoço voltou a ter a mobilidade que já nem lembrava que havia perdido. Senti meu corpo bastante relaxado e no dia seguinte com mais energia e disponibilidade para exercitar o corpo. Grata!
    João Almeida
    João Almeida
    I had mid back pain for almost a year. After lots of exams, the doctors said that nothing was wrong. Found out about Dr. Louis and after the first session I already feel much better, it’s really impressive the precision of his work.
    Sarah Moreira
    Sarah Moreira
    I have an ongoing pain in my neck and back and came in already frustrated from another chiropractor’s appointment. Dr Louis was extremely professional and patiently listened to me. After the first session I already fell much better. Very friendly and nice clinic. Highly recommend.